More about LRH holsters


A guide to help you decide.

Whether you just got a new NAA North American Arms revolver or already had one we may have the holster that is just right for you. This picture show the colors left to right coyote brown, desert tan and t-shirt white.

Original Lost River holster


Our most popular holster

The Original Lost River Holster is a sturdy little holster.  It's made, with your choice of color, from two pieces of Kydex or Holstex Cemented and eyelet-ed together. It comes with a piece of paracord.

Drop Down holster


The Drop Down Holster is a single piece of Kydex folded around and eyelet-ed  to make a nice little package. This design was discontinued for a time but so many of you asked for it so we brought it back.  

Drop Down Holster

Mini Neck


yes it is a little bit smaller.

The mini neck is made with a single piece of Kydex folded around and has two eyelets. For many it is easier to draw from single handed than the Original Lost River Holster but may not be quite so sturdy.

Mini Pocket


Very similar to the mini neck

It is small but differs from the mini neck in that it opens from the top and has eyelets on the bottom.  

Pocket Holster


Pocket Holster

This is a design that was offered some time ago, with some positive feedback and  custom orders it is being reintroduced. Newly  improved now by a single piece construction folded at the base make this a durable holster. It is curved to fit in a pocket more comfortably. This holster is offerer either with the tail hook or not.  The hook is to help while drawing and without the hook is to make the holster a little smaller.

Pocket Holster

Total Tactical Carry


idea "how can we make a holster do everything?"

Well there are trade off's and it can't really do everthing but it does do alot of things. It really shines as an out side the waistband OWB holster. It is Similar to the Neck holster in size and comes with paracord and will do most things the neck can do. It can be carried right or left handed. It also does inside the waistband IWB. the new design is not tuckable but the SG is. 




Dedicated inside the waistband holster


The  SG holster was designed for those who have made the personal commitment  to lawfully keep their arms close and ready to bear in defense a free  State and People. Keeping that commitment may have just got a little  easier and more comfortable too.  Ergonomic curve for increased comfort.  Double belt loops give greater compatibility with your choice of pants or slacks. Position the holster and thread on your belt and tuck in your shirt it is that simple. 

The Backup


The Back Up is a neck holster for several popular small autos.

The picture shows the most recent design design.



Neck and Belt

The neck sheath has been well received especially those fit for the  Candiru,  Izula I and II, Buck 140 and 141. The Neck sheath now comes with a belt attachment  lost river holsters offers  many sheaths including some fit for the ESEE AH1 and the BK 2,7 and 9. there are also ferrocerium sheaths and attachments.

More coming soon


 Custom Kydex holsters for North American Arms revolvers like the NAA  PUG, 22 magnum, black widow, sidewinder, available IWB, OWB, pocket and  neck also sheaths for ESEE , Tops, and Becker knives.

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